Catalogs for Cartes du Ciel

Cartes du Ciel is an outstanding planetarium program and it is even freeware! You find further information and the download on the homepage of the author Patrick Chevalley.
Since the version 2.7f it became much more comfortable to use arbitrary catalogs with Cartes du Ciel. I created these catalogs mainly for my own use. Now I want to make them available for all who are interested.

Abell and Zwicky Clusters of Galaxies Download
(69 KB)
This is the catalog of galaxy clusters found on the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS) and created bei George Abell. Some of them are observable with amateur telescopes. Only the Abell clusters are included.

DDO Catalogue of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Download
(17 KB)
Catalog of dwarf galaxies compiled by van den Bergh. It contains 243 objects.
ADS Abstarct

An Atlas of H II regions in 125 galaxies Download
(95 KB)
The atlas contains more than 10000 HII regions in 125 galaxies.
ADS Abstract

IRAS Download
(14066 KB)
This catalog is a composition of four catalogs created from the data of IRAS. These are the IRAS catalogue of Point Sources, the IRAS Faint Source Catalog, the IRAS Serendipitous Survey Catalog and the IRAS Small Scale Structure Catalog. Together they contain 480,000 entries.

Hickson's Compact groups of Galaxies Download
(37 KB)
Hickson's famous catalog of 100 compact groups of Galaxies including all galaxies.

Lynds' Dark Nebulae Download
(62 KB)
The catalog contains 1791 dark nebulae. The objects of the Barnard catalog are included.

Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies Download
(776 KB)
This catalog contains 29000 galaxies north of -30 declination.

Merged catalogue of reflection nebulae Download
(59 KB)
This is a current catalog for reflection nebulae combining many different sources.

Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae Download
(131 KB)
This is the current standard catalog for planetary nebula. It includes the old (but still common) PK numbers along with its names referenced to the discoverer. I also included magnitudes from the SECGPNv6 by Kent Wallace.
Please take note of the hints I included in the ReadMeFirst.txt!

Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei (12th Ed.) Download
(3779 KB)
This is the most common and most recent catalog for quasars. It includes 85221 quasars, 1122 blazars and 21737 active galaxies
prepared by Shannon Sims

Revised Bologna Catalog of M31 globular clusters Download
(58 KB)
This catalog contains all globular clusters or objects that have been/are classified as such belonging to the M 31 system. More than 1000 entries.

Low surface brightness galaxies Download
(22 KB)
This catalog contains 693 galaxies identified in a survey for low surface brightness galaxies in the nearby universe (z<=0.1). The survey covers 786 square degrees centered on the equator.

DWB — Optically Visible H II Regions in the Cygnus X Region Download
(12 KB)
A catalogue by H. R. Dickel, H. Wendker and J. H. Bieritz containing almost 200 small nebula patches in the Cygnus X Region around Gamma Cygni and Deneb.

To use these catalogs extract the files in a the /cat directory of your CdC directory. In CdC activate the catalog with the following Step: Preferences -> Catalog and Object parameters -> Catalogues -> New. Select the *.hdr file from the newly created directory containing the catalog. Click on the the gray area to the left of the new row to turn it green. Have fun!